New Swans: “Eden Prison”


via New Swans: “Eden Prison”.

Here it is, the first track from the new Swans album that Michael Gira will grace us with on October 5. Was I apprehensive before listening to this? You bet I was. I love Swans, both the old pounding ear-bleeding Swans and the later, more orchestral Swans.

Part of me couldn’t wait to hear the new track, and part of me dreaded feeling disappointed if it didn’t live up to my very high standards for Michael Gira’s work.

I took a deep breath and pressed play.

The droning, sludgy bass and guitars being tortured into strange new frequencies, the stentorian bass vocals, and the wall of noise that builds into a glorious crescendo. It’s all here, in spades. Turn up loud and exhale long and slow.

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