Album Review: Luke Leighfield “New Season”

One of the many cool things about writing a music blog is that I am sometimes approached to interview and/or review upcoming artists.

Luke Leighfield is one such artist. Hailing from the UK, this 24-year-old singer-songwriter has just released a new album, New Season. This is his fourth album in five years, which leads me to think that he had either amassed a wealth of material while honing his craft, and then releases it in stages, or he’s rushing out albums as fast as he can.

Judging from the quality of the work on New Season, I suspect that the truth lies somewhere between the two. Leighfield is obviously a skilled and seasoned performer, but the tracks on this album at least lack passion. His bio says that he spent his childhood training to be a classical musician and his teenage years at underground punk shows, and it feels as though he’s still in an artistic tug of war between these two elements. On some songs, most notably the title track, Leighfield marries his classical and punk sensibilities to create driving rhythms and cascades of sounds.

Definitely an artist to watch as he continues to grow into his self as a musician and composer. New Season is out now on Got Got Need Records.




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