Massey Hall open house – where magic happens

Is there anything better on a glorious sunny Sunday than to step into Massey Hall and be greeted with “Welcome! We invite you to wander and explore!”

Anyone who had financially supported Massey Hall’s massive two year renovation project was invited to an open house, and we were given free rein to explore to our heart’s content. I adore Massey Hall and have been there four times since it reopened (Gordon Lightfoot, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Cowboy Junkies and Broken Social Scene), but being able to wander for a good hour and half, taking in every detail of the restoration, was a whole other level of bliss.

I hadn’t known about the history of Massey displayed along one of the corridors leading to the gallery, for example. I had never been into the stairwells along the outer walls, each of them filled with stunning stained glass. I had no idea there was a beautiful little stone fireplace tucked into a corner of the main floor.

I hadn’t imagined I could fall even more in love with Massey Hall.

I took this from the stage! Glee!

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