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RIP Lou Reed. I’m trying to remember when I first heard your name. It must have been sometime in the 80s, when I was getting into music, into new wave, punk, postpunk, and every new artist I fell in love with seemed to mention your name. Maybe it was that biography of Bowie, with the picture of you, him and Iggy Pop, resplendent in glitter and leather and platform boots.

Lou Reed was one of the most influential, maddening, brilliant, genre-breaking artists of his era. Of any era, ever. I had the privilege of seeing him perform live twice, and he blew my fucking mind. He was a poet, a perfectionist and a visionary who once told legendary journalist Lester Bangs that “My bullshit is worth more than other people’s diamonds”.

Yes Lou, yes it was, and it grieves me to know that you’re not around anymore to bless us with your brilliant and incomparable bullshit.

Look at the picture below. It was taken at Lollapalooza. Chicago, August 9, 2009. I was there for a friend’s wedding. I bought a single ticket for the last day of Lollapalooza mainly because Lou was performing. He played right before Jane’s Addiction, and seeing two of my favourite artists back to back on that sweltering summer night remains one of my most euphoric memories.

See the figure onstage with the white flying V guitar? That’s Lou. He was wonderful that day. Cranky, intense, focused and brilliant.


Lou had a fearsome reputation and he was the first to admit it was true. I remember an episode of the classic and lamented Canadian TV show “The New Music” – one of the most intelligent music journalism shows I’ve ever seen – where Daniel Richler tried to interview Lou Reed. The New Music had actual informed, smart, music nerds as hosts, and Daniel was no slouch, having performed in a punk band himself. Lou ate him for breakfast. The interview was live, and Lou replied to Daniel’s questions with monosyllables, not even bothering to look at him. After 5 minutes, Daniel asked “Do you want to do this interview?” Lou said no, tore off his microphone and walked off set.

I don’t ask that my heroes be nice people. All I ask is that they be true to themselves. In that respect, Lou never let me down.

I love this interview. Interviewer: “Have you stopped using drugs?” Jim Reid: “Is Jack Daniels a drug?”

Also, possible new JAMC album. If William and Jim don’t kill each other first.

Check out this sample from a chilling sample of Depeche Mode’s “Fly On The Windscreen” by former DM member Vince Clarke and Ane Brun.

Who doesn’t love dark noise washing over them? Noise Baptism, a post-punk, goth, punk podcast, delivers. Listen and savour.

Apparently, rock music is not longer cool, and no young person would want anything to do with it.

I’m going on record as saying that I firmly disagree with this entire article. First off, rock is dead? Says who? No one under 40 listens to rock music? The all-ages show by The Kills that I went to a couple of weeks after this article was published was packed with everyone from teens to people quite a bit older than I.

There are new artists in every genre emerging all the time, rock included. Anyone who fails to notice this is either lazy or wilfully ignorant.

Finally, I think it’s fucking excellent that musicians are continuing to create and play music regardless of what age they are. Leonard Cohen is 77 and has just released an excellent album. I love that the “rules” of aging are being redefined, or better yet, done away with altogether.

And how ironic is it that rules are now being imposed on rock music?

LISTEN: Stream the new School of Seven Bells album “Ghostory” | CHARTattack.

New Swans: “Eden Prison”

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via New Swans: “Eden Prison”.

Here it is, the first track from the new Swans album that Michael Gira will grace us with on October 5. Was I apprehensive before listening to this? You bet I was. I love Swans, both the old pounding ear-bleeding Swans and the later, more orchestral Swans.

Part of me couldn’t wait to hear the new track, and part of me dreaded feeling disappointed if it didn’t live up to my very high standards for Michael Gira’s work.

I took a deep breath and pressed play.

The droning, sludgy bass and guitars being tortured into strange new frequencies, the stentorian bass vocals, and the wall of noise that builds into a glorious crescendo. It’s all here, in spades. Turn up loud and exhale long and slow.

Hello world!

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